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"our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall".


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What Inspired me to get into this field

When I was younger I went through a dark time in my life. With the assistance of a few dear mentors and a great therapist I was able to understand that terrain of darkness, to learn about who I am and what it meant to turn towards the struggle. Through determination and surrender to the process I made my way through. I began to know what authentic transformation and change feels like. I was then able to choose a path forward that brought meaning and strength. It created the impetus to go into studying mental health, addiction, psychology, and sociology. It created a strong desire to make something from my personal experience and studies that could truly help others through their own dark terrains and discomforts.

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My mission as a therapist is to treat everyone who comes into my office with reverence and respect. I seek to create a space that is safe for deep inquiry and transformation. Whether a person may be seriously struggling in their lives, or are looking for a deeper sense of knowing themselves, I am passionate about being here to meet a person where they are at, to work towards a more fulfilling life. If you have sought out therapy before and have either not felt satisfied or did not get to where you want to go, I  invite you to contact me and see if we can open the door to a therapeutic relationship that can deeply support you and create transformation. 

 Some areas I specialize in are addiction and trauma work. My scope of practice also includes working with a variety of mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and more. I look forward to connecting and seeing how we can best support you.

Whatever challenges a person may face in their life, I feel it is important to remember that none of us need to “do it alone”, and indeed, asking for help is one of the most courageous steps we can take.

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My approach is eclectic in that I combine a variety of therapeutic techniques to best meet each individual. Some of the modalities that inform my practice include but are not limited to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Ego State Therapy, Attachment Theory, Somatic Therapy, PACT (Psycho-Biological Approach to Couples Therapy), Depth Psychology, and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing). 

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Services offered


Our mission is to provide therapy sessions catered to your individual needs. one of our two clinicians will work to solve current problems and improve positive thinking and behavior. we will do what we can to meet you where you are at, and to help you “re-frame” your reactions and provide you with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles. I’m confident you’ll find our personalized approach beneficial and inspirational. Get in touch to book an appointment.

“It isn't always easy, but who said it's supposed to be easy? There is an enormous value in discipline - the least of which is an inner knowing that, rather than having some addiction running you, you are the master of your fate”.

-John-Roger, DSS

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